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Dima Klichinsky, Head of Pre-Sale Department, represents CYBONET at our partner event in Vietnam; the CIO - CSO 2016 Event & Misoft’s 15th Anniversary, July 2016

CYBONET joined its partner, Misoft, at its CIO – CSO 2016 event in Halong Bay, Vietnam, this July. The seminar, which celebrated Misoft’s 15th anniversary, focused on the evolution of Vietnam’s cybersecurity landscape, and was organized by Misoft with the support of the Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA).

Attendance of CIOs and CSOs from across the Vietnamese National government was complemented by participation from the private sector, including leaders from the financial and telecom sectors. The event opened with an overview of the local cyber security ecosystem and discussion of the way forward, and also invited participants to speak about key topics related to information security, cyber attacks and cyber security solutions.

Dima Klichinsky, Head of CYBONET’s Pre-Sale Department, travelled to Hanoi to speak at the event. He spent some time presenting CYBONET’s strategic positioning for meeting the near, mid and long term challenges in cyber security generally, and Vietnamese cyber security more specifically.

CYBONET was proud to celebrate this happy occasion with a long term partner in the Vietnamese market, and looks forward to continued cooperation and growth with Misoft.

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