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Pictured: David Feldman, CEO CYBONET 

As recently reported in the Israeli press, Cellcom, the Israeli telecommunications company, is integrating CYBONET’s PineApp Mail Secure solution within its Cyber 360 package; its new Cyber-Business Suite for businesses and organizations.

Cellcom was founded in 1994 and has close to three million subscribers. As an international provider of cyber and information security solutions, CYBONET is collaborating with Cellcom to protect the email inboxes of Cellcom customers with its flagship PineApp Mail Secure solution.

CYBONET’s PineApp Mail Secure creates a mail relay system, forming the first line of protection for corporate email traffic against viruses, spam and other malware. Messages sent to the corporate mail server are routed via the PineApp Mail Secure system, where they undergo rigorous testing to filter out viruses and spam. The solution checks for additional threats attached to email messages, and directs only clean messages to the corporate email server.

CYBONET’s PineApp Mail Secure also includes a backup that enables customers to save email messages for up to 72 hours, should the organization suffer a technical malfunction or communication fault. The messages then reappear in the organization’s system when business as usual resumes.

A Component of Cyber Protection Every Business Must Install

CYBONET’s PineApp Mail Secure enables savings in hardware purchases, licensing costs and manpower, and adds an intuitive reporting and graphical capability to Cellcom’s cyber portal in relation to protecting the corporate email system.

Eric Kalisher, Product Manager for Cloud Information and Cloud Services at Cellcom, comments: "Email is the most important working tool for organizations, so email protection is one of the components of cyber protection that every business must install. Cellcom chose CYBONET as the main solution for mail relay, which combines monitoring, filtering spam, handling threats and backing up email."

Eric continues: "CYBONET’s PineApp Mail Secure is a high-end solution that offers ease of operation, a user-friendly interface backed by a high quality developer team and high quality Israeli customer service. Cellcom’s collaboration with CYBONET helps to cement the successful relationship between both organizations, built over the course of a decade."

David Feldman, CEO CYBONET, adds: "The decision by a major Israeli company like Cellcom to choose CYBONET’s PineApp Mail Secure solution will make our email protection tools even more popular in businesses and organizations in Israel. This technological and business confidence reflects the momentum we are experiencing on the technological level, which is set to greatly expand the range of cyber security capabilities we provide."

CYBONET’s PineApp Mail Secure helps by blocking 99.7% of spam and viruses and protecting both your inbound and outbound email traffic. It neutralizes Advanced Persistent Threats and guards against zero-hour viruses, malware and ransomware with a multi-layer anti-spam and anti-virus system.

To learn more about how PineApp Mail Secure can protect your organization from all varieties of spam, viruses, malware and ransomware, click here or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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