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Traditional insider-threat detection methods focus on rule-based approaches built by domain
experts, but they are neither flexible nor robust. Insider-threat detection methods based on
user behavior modeling and anomaly detection algorithms is a more robust way to detect an
adversary within organization network.

Anomaly-based detection is the process of comparing activity the enterprise considers normal
against observed activity to identify significant deviations. An IDS using anomaly-based
detection creates profiles that represent the normal behavior of such things as users, hosts,
network connections and applications. The profiles are developed by monitoring the
characteristics of typical activity over a period of time. For example, a profile for a network
might show that web activity comprises an average of 13 percent of network bandwidth at the
Internet border during typical workday hours. The IDS then uses statistical methods to compare
the characteristics of current activity to thresholds related to the profile, such as detecting when
web activity comprises significantly more bandwidth than expected, and alerting an
administrator of the anomaly.

For many IT organizations, defining a baseline of normal behavior is quite challenging. The
inherent difficulties range from incomplete logging, misconfigured systems or a lack of reporting
across a variety of systems. 

Finding anomalies is not easy. The patterns that can be considered “normal” are different in
every domain, most change over time, and inherent variations give rise to noise that can often
obscure actual anomalies. Sometimes anomalies aren’t just single points of data, but they arise
from several points of data interacting with each other.

Cybonet Cybowall Net-Breach is a non-intrusive, agentless solution that provides advanced
breach detection with continuous monitoring of your network across all protocols and extending
to all endpoints. Cybowall Net-Breach protects the network, detecting and reacting to threats as
they arise.

Cybowall Net-Breach combines multiple cybersecurity tools and capabilities in one solution -
securing networks of all sizes and providing unified defense against a continuously evolving



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