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CYBONET's Email Sandboxing Module deepens PineApp Mail Secure's preventative measures. 

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In Part One of our Email Basics series we showed you how to spot an email scam from the header information. In this blog we will explain how to safely open email attachments. 

It is easy to look at an email and not see what is hidden behind it. In fact, most people would not suspect that complicated programming can be lurking behind even the simplest of emails. In this blog article we will help you understand these potential problems.


MTN Cote D’Ivoire, the largest mobile carrier in the Ivory Coast, uses CYBONET for outbound spam protection.

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It is not uncommon to receive malicious software with an email message. Weaponized email attachments are becoming critical threats to organizations and businesses as they can easily bypass existing defense mechanisms and pose as sophisticated spear phishing attacks. 


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